Jay Beeber Discusses L.A. City Councilman’s “Foot-In-Mouth-Disease” On John & Ken (KFI)

Jay Beeber (via John & Ken) Discusses L.A. City Councilman’s Hypocrisy from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

Previously, I connected to a great post on some of the liberal progressive madness about 45-minutes west of where I live. Here, Jay Beeber of FreedomMinute.com does a bang-up job once-again on the seemingly hypocritical stance of L.A. Cit Councilman Paul Koretz’s “flip-flop” on what constitutes a blood-curling analogy.” At any rate, you will find some great stuff over at Jay’s blog, enjoy his funny interview above… reality is always more comical that fiction!

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