“Emily” Condescends To “Lakisha” Yale Study Finds

Video Description: But guess who actually treats everyone, regardless of skin color, like they have a brain cell and a half to rub together? That’s right, my friends, it’s us. I’m totally shocked (except I’m not.)

The WASHINGTON TIMES has an article that reads in part:

White liberals present themselves as less competent when addressing minorities, while conservatives use the same vocabulary no matter what the race of their audience, according to a newly released STUDY.

Yale and Princeton researchers found that white Democratic presidential candidates and self-identified liberals played down their competence when speaking to minorities, using fewer words that conveyed accomplishment and more words that expressed warmth.

On the other hand, there were no significant differences in how white conservatives, including Republican presidential candidates, spoke to white versus minority audiences.

“White liberals self-present less competence to minorities than to other Whites — that is, they patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent,” according to the study’s abstract.

Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, said she was surprised by the findings of the study, which sought to discover how “well-intentioned whites” interact with minorities.

“It was kind of an unpleasant surprise to see this subtle but persistent effect,” Ms. Dupree said. “Even if it’s ultimately well-intentioned, it could be seen as patronizing.”….

(See also HOT AIR and the WASHINGTON EXAMINER for more info) Here are two videos to bring the point home:

But this is my PERSONAL favorite example of how Leftists view black persons:

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