GRAPHIC!! Crime Scene and Emergency Room Photos Leaked from Miami Cannibalism Attack

Two more cannibal cases:

Canadian Gay Porn star who cut off man’s torso, and ate his body parts was bullied as a schoolkid
Kenyan immigrant in U.S. attending university in Maryland, kills and dismembers other man, eats his body parts in Baltimore suburb

Do not click the photo of the victim to the right UNLESS you wish to see a photo of the aftermath taken from the emergency room in Miami from that cannibalism attack.


The Daily Mail has the best story on this, they write some bullet points that should get the person who enjoys real life crime stories drawn in:

Revealed: Victim of ‘Miami Cannibal’ was star student at elite New York high school – as shocking new video shows he was STILL conscious during EIGHTEEN-minute attack

  • Rudy Eugene, 31, tore into victim’s face with his teeth and growled
  • Police believe he may have taken ‘bath salts,’ a potent new drug
  • Images have been released of Ronald Poppo, 65, recovering in Miami hospital
  • 75 per cent of victim’s face chewed off in ‘some of the most horrific injuries staff have ever encountered’
  • Was still conscious when he was stretchered off to hospital
  • Investigators trying to piece together last hours of Eugene’s life

The homeless man whose face was eaten off by the ‘Miami cannibal’ during a horrific, 18-minute attack was a star student at a prestigious New York school before he became a down-and-out.

A yearbook picture of Ronald Poppo was obtained by the New York Daily News, who reported the victim was in the Latin Club and worked in the guidance office at Stuyvesant High School before he became homeless.

According to his long record of petty arrests, he spent the last four decades in Florida and nothing is yet known about how his tragic fall from grace from top student to a life on the streets.

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The Daily Mail article has a pixelated version of the graphic photo I offer on my Live Leak account.

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