Baltimore Police: from Exemplary to Racist In Just Two-Months

Here is a portion of the Investor’s Business Daily article:

Law And Order: Just two months ago, President Obama held up the Baltimore police force as a model of unbiased community policing. Now he’s investigating it for civil-rights violations. What’s changed?

In a March White House report on police reforms, Obama and his Task Force on 21st Century Policing praised Baltimore’s force and its black chief for “implementing national best practices for policies and training,” including “use of force” reforms. His task force even quoted Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, who said he changed “outdated procedures” that “put officers at odds with the community.”

Yet now the Obama Justice Department is investigating the Baltimore police for a “pattern or practice of discriminating” against the black community in “arrests, traffic stops and other operations.” The federal probe is separate from an ongoing federal inquiry into the death of Freddie Gray, which focuses on the alleged misconduct of six Baltimore cops involved in his arrest, half of whom are black.

It’s absurd to think that black police officers under the direction of a black police chief are inherently biased against young black men. So why does Obama keep charging police bias where mixed-race juries weighing all the evidence conclude there is none?…

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Apparently, a lot can change in two months in liberal la-la-land.