Anti-Inflammatory Health Helps (RPT Misc.)

My wife and I were readying for a cruise to Hawaii, and I knew I was going to be doing A LOT of walking — which was an issue for me. Why? Because at the end of 2014 I broke my ankle, leg, and fractured my knee. I was out of work essentially for three years, when they removed my “tightrope,” a good portion of my chronic pain went away and I could function better. (I am a driver now as I cannot stand on my feet for ten hours a day any-longer.)

I listen (while I drive) to talk radio, and I heard advertisements for RELIEF FACTOR’S 3-WEEK QUICK START. I figured, I can try it or bring this cane I just bought with me when I get bad. So I splurged and took that a week prior and during the two-week cruise. Dammit all if it didn’t work!. I felt really good and could walk much better and could be on my feet longer. As much I say it is a miracle mix from nature… it is too expensive for me to buy monthly (essentially 80-dollars a month).

So I got on Walmart’s app and found the ingredients for 80-dollars for two-months (click to enlarge) and have em shipped to me:

I take one pill of each of the above, twice-a-day. It helps I am sure my Multiple Sclerosis as well (because it is a natural anti-inflammatory mix — if I could afford it, I would add a small CBD-oil pill in the mix). I make packs with the little 3″ baggies from the craft area at Walmart, which include a multi-vitamin for men that I can take two-of during the day (making my own packets a convenient mix), as well as creatine (Why? Read This Article). HOWEVER, this can be time consuming… so if you can afford it and wish for convenience — I would get RELIEF FACTOR.