A 4-Hour Firefight In Afghanistan To Take Antenna (video is 12-minutes) ~ HD (Added: Spec-Ops in `Sniper Battle`)

Not too eventful, but gives you an idea of the haps these men face everyday.

From the team:
4 hour fight compressed into 12 min, starts off quiet but will get better as it goes through the last 3 cameras. Far ambush on our 14 man element attempting to take Antenna Hill. First camera is the platoon medic, 2nd is from the 10 man element pinned down by the enemy, 3rd is my own camera as my four man section takes the top of the hill to relieve our pinned down element, 4th is our medic’s camera again during one of the enemy counter attacks.

You can see the dirt fly as their sniper gets close.

  • A MARSOC sniper exchanges fire with Taliban fighters in the village below. Accurate incoming rounds are heard snapping overhead.

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