Geo-Political News: Israeli Air Force Attacks Russian Missiles in Syria (Obama Admin Leaks Info)

Via Gateway Pundit. ABC reported:

Israeli warplanes conducted an airstrike early today on a Syrian military facility near the northern Syrian port city of Latakia along the Mediterranean coast, a U.S. official confirms to ABC News.

The attack is believed to be the fifth airstrike conducted by Israel inside Syria this year. Like the earlier airstrikes, the official said the latest attack presumably targeted advanced Russian missile weapons systems headed to the extremist group Hezbollah based in Lebanon.

An Israeli source also confirmed the attack to ABC News which like the four previous attacks this year has not been acknowledged by the Israeli government.

The air strike was first reported in Israeli newspapers which cited explosions at a missile storage facility near Latakia. The accounts differed as to what types of air defense missile systems may have been targeted by Israeli warplanes.

No Tech for Terror

Russian-made SA-8 missiles stopped from reaching Hizballa

Also, this from Debka File, Obama Admin. sticks knife in our allies back:

…debkafile’s military sources disclose that the US media reports of Israeli Air Force attacks in Syria that quoted US officials aroused indignation in government circles in Jerusalem and military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

They accused the Obama government of leaking this information in breach of the understandings and agreements reached between Israel and the White House on Syria. It was clearly understood that the two governments would cooperate in the effort to prevent advanced weapons reaching the Hizballah terrorist organization in Lebanon from Syria.

debkafile’s Washington sources explained that because the administration is immersed in a complicated joint diplomatic maneuver with Moscow on Syria, it can’t afford to leave the impression of US involvement in the Israeli attack or its approval.

A senior US official stressed that the leak was aimed at absolving the administration of such involvement. Washington also suspected Israel of timing its attacks to follow straight after the OPCW’s announcement earlier Thursday that Syria’s “declared equipment for producing, mixing and filling chemical weapons” had been entirely destroyed by the Nov. 1 deadline set by the two powers and the UN.

`I Know That Voice` ~ Kevin & Bean Interview Voice Actor, John DiMaggio (Plus: RIP Lou Scheimer [1929-2013])

In a delightful interview about the people behind the many voices we have come to love over the years, John DiMaggio ( talks about his soon to be released documentary, “I Know That Voice” ( The history and passion of voice acting comes out in the interview and I suspect more-so in the movie. I am getting a DVD (not Pirate Bay) to support the wonderful work all these guys and gals do.

Also, a quick RIP (via DiMaggio) to Lou Scheimer (1929-2013)

Bill Maher`s Common Sense vs. Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Valerie Plame ~ Dennis Prager Dissects

Video Description;

In this great dissection of the above named people by Dennis Prager, you get to hear how the left thinks. (Posted by:

(Fox News) Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Richard Dawkins all got together to debate religion and… well, need I say more? Sharpton argued every religion has “zealots,” but Maher insisted it’s not the same and called the comparison “bullshit.” Valerie Plame and Moore also pushed back against Maher, making the point that there are plenty of Christian radicals all over the world. But both Maher and Dawkins argued that unlike Islamic extremists, Christian extremists don’t casually throw out fatwas and death threats when their faith is attacked.

For the readers information on what I noticed in uploading this to YouTube:

  • YouTube would not let me save my above description with the word I-S-L-A-M-I-C extremists. So I put the word “Muslim” in the text instead. But YouTube is fine with the phrase “Christian extremist.” YouTube is making the point Prager is making.

A current example of this thinking in the Department of Homeland Security, via Gateway Pundit:

World Net Daily reported, via Religion of Peace:

Department of Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary has penned yet another controversial tweet, this time likening the Muslim Brotherhood to evangelical Christians and comparing the Brotherhood’s indoctrination to Bible study groups.

WND found that Elibiary tweeted: “Ignorant #Islamophobes (redundant I know) protested my saying #MB like #Evangelicals. Usra like Bible study grp.”

The “MB,” or Muslim Brotherhood, seeks a worldwide Islamic caliphate ruled by Shariah, or Islamic law, and teaches followers to help establish an Islamic state wherever they live.

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) Is a Joke ~ A Great Caricature of the Left

As I pointed out in a post:

So if you have a professor who is harping on Capitalism, Bush, Republicans, Reagan, Newt, Ted Cruz, whomever…, you just need to point out that since  FDR’s “New Deal“ and Johnson’s “Great Societyall they are really criticizing is regulation and redistribution. Because we are far from a truly free-market.

Unfortunate Split-Screen Describes Current Administration Well

Via the Blaze:

As Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified Wednesday before Congress on the failed Obamacare website rollout, CNN ran a split-screen of her testimony with an image of the crashed site.

“I would suggest the website has never crashed,” Sebelius said during Wednesday’s House Commerce and Energy Committee hearing. “It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability, and has continued to function.”

Naturally, the image of the CNN split-screen started to circulate on social media. And some have noted that it just doesn’t look good for Sebelius or anyone involved in the mess that has been [above]

The Most Embarrassing Possible Split-Screen Happened While Kathleen Sebelius Testified On Obamacare

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is testifying Wednesday on the disastrous rollout of, the website where consumers are supposed purchase insurance. 

As she was testifying, CNN’s Zach Wolf snapped an “unfortunate” split screen of her testimony that neatly juxtaposed with why she was there — the website was down again…

Bill O`Reilly on Obamacare Failures (Plus, How Low Turnout Is Set To Increase Premiums)

Via HotAir:

After a month of the ObamaCare fiasco, insurers find themselves staring into the abyss of the “death spiral” — the risk-pool meltdown of accepting too many high-maintenance consumers without enough low-maintenance consumers to spread the costs. CBS Evening News focused on one such insurer, a new co-op in Maryland that got its start from a $65 million federal loan and planned on marketing mainly within the ObamaCare exchange. After a few days of watching HHS flounder, the CEO threw out that business plan entirely.

How many enrollees has he seen in a month? Maybe a dozen, and he needs 15,000 by the year’s end in order to break even:


The Obama administration tried to spark the creation of enough co-ops to give people a wider range of choices, especially in rural areas.  So far that’s been a bust, as the New York Times reported last week and CBS confirmed on Monday.  Fifty-eight percent of the counties serviced by the federal exchange only have one or two insurers offering plans, even with the hundreds of millions loaned out to these co-ops.

That, however, is a secondary consideration for Evergreen and its CEO.  If he can’t sign up more than a dozen a month, or even a dozen a day, he’s going to be out of business — and he won’t be the only one looking at a death spiral, either.  Small wonder they’re looking for corporate business, but that’s not a natural market for smaller co-ops, especially not those who picked the wrong business plan in the beginning.

Horrific Myths That Cause Rape and Murder of Innocence ~ `Girl crawls out of grave after being raped, buried alive`

Editor’s note: These story contains graphic descriptions

I just wish to point out the authorities refused to investigate… can anyone say I-S-L-A-M? Via the New York Post:

A 13-year-old girl has dug herself out of a muddy grave after being raped by two men who then buried her alive in Pakistan.

The teen was abducted from her local village in the Punjab province while she was walking to Koran lessons.

Her father Siddique Mughal told police his daughter had been taken, but they refused to cooperate, Outlook India reported.

The men took the young girl to an isolated place and raped her and then buried her alive as they believed she died during the brutal attack.

But the girl managed to dig her way out the muddy grave and caught the attention of passers-by who helped her to a local medical center.

After local police refused to investigate, the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s Complaint Cell formally directed them to arrest the girl’s attackers and complete a report on the incident without delay.

A sessions judge for the local Toba Tek Singh region has also been asked to look into the matter.

Child rape remains a problem in Pakistan where local activist group Sahil said cultural myths persist such as HIV positive men believing they can be cured through sex with a virgin.

Statistic show cases of child rape have risen from 668 in 2002 to 2,788 last year, according to the International Business Times.

Other stories from the Middle-East that should outrage you, via The Blaze:

…. A 3-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia was reportedly raped by a group of men. After taking turns violating the toddler, the men dumped her near a hospital where she was classified in serious condition, the website Emirates 24/7 reported.

Though the attack reportedly occurred last month, police revealed the incident only this past Monday, saying they had arrested three suspects along with two women in connection with the attack.

Doctors at a hospital in Jeddah say the girl is still in a coma and fighting for her life, Gulf News reported.

“She has been raped violently by some men. She was found crying of excruciating pain as her body was full of bruises and her sensitive parts were ruptured,” hospital manager Mohammed Ali told the Saudi Arabia oulet Okaz, as reported by the English-language Emirates 24/7.

Ali said the girl’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding from the vagina.


Earlier this month, a Saudi preacher convicted of torturing his 5-year-old daughter with a cane and cables and beating her to death in 2011 was sentenced to eight years in prison and 600 lashes after paying blood money to the family of the girl’s mother. The killing was reportedly motivated by the father’s suspicions about the girl’s virginity.

Earlier this year, another Saudi cleric called on parents to dress their female babies in a burka, to reduce their chance of being molested.